Judy Mott, RIP

My stepmother died in her sleep last night.

This last week she has been going in and out of consciousness. She was take off morphine coz she she not in pain near the end.

I am deep shock, coz it has exposed the rawness of my emotions from Dad’s death.

5 responses to “Judy Mott, RIP

  1. I am very sorry to learn of your Stepmother’s death Rebecca and of course this has happened only a few short months after your much loved Dad died. I know this could be misinterpreted but I am so glad your stepmother’s pain eased considerably towards the end. Not everyone is able to have a peaceful death and so I am glad your Stepmother died in her sleep. But that doesn’t make it any easier for those loved ones who have to deal with the shock and grief.

    It is never easy I know and just when we think we are ‘over it’ something happens which causes us to feel as though it will never end. Words can help but they cannot possibly take away the raw grief and pain, because it is so personal and raw.

    Am thinking of you Rebecca even though this is blogsphere.


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