Sure, I am Depressed

I am depressed.

Depressed that I am finally feeling my Dad’s death as a reality.

Depressed that still I deadened my emotions, still when pain want to go back into being a robot.

Depressed that there so little understanding of how I had adapt to survive most of my life.

Depressed that I find to heard I often have to fit other’s fixed view of who I am.

Depressed that to be included I have pretend I don’t like things that I love.

Depressed that I still feel the sexual torturing in my body.

Depressed that everywhere the sex trade is glamourise.

Depressed that PTSD is made invisible.

Depressed that I am depressed.

I have fucking come close to the point of no return.

2 responses to “Sure, I am Depressed

  1. I wish there was more understanding for you and that people would actually listen to you- not just ‘listen’ and then try to fit you into their theories- but listen properly.

    Much love to you.


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