Didn’t Reinvent the Wheel

One of the many things about the sex trade that makes me angry is how the constantly saying what they do is new.

That is complete and sickening rubbish.

There is no new porn. There is no new form of prostitution.

Torture is not new. Mental abuse is not new. Rape is not new. Murder is not new.

The only thing that could be called new is the endless changes in technology, and how the sex trade uses that to it’s advantage.

But I would say the first caveman who pass stones to rape a woman “invented” prostitution. The first caveman to draw a raping “invented” porn.

All new porn is just old porn. As all rapes become the same. As all abuse of prostituted women and girls is old.

After all, there is only a limited amount of way to destroy women and girls sexually, physically and mentally.

Men have always penetrated in every hole. Men have alway use double-penetration, use anal to mouth raping, done anal sex till near death.

Men have always had a group of women and girls that they choose to label as “whores” so they do as much violent sex as their imagined.

If you think modern porn and prostitution have a look at history.

Look at the violent porn that popular in ancient Rome and Athens. Look and see how they built massive industries on degrading prostituted women and girls.

It is easy to romanticise that time for we have records from the men who used that sex trade. We have no records of the women and girls in the sex trade.

So it is easy to place porn fantasy onto that time, imagine the women and girl then felt no pain, were liberated by their “job”, were just very randy.

After that is what men have told us – so it must be true.

No thinking maybe the sex trade was just plain old slavery. That it was degrading and highly dangerous for the women and girls.

But why should we care, it so long ago.

Hell I bloody care coz the way those women and girls were treated is still happening today.

There is nothing new in the sex trade.

There is nothing with the sex trade having artificial differences between the courtesan/high-class escort and the street prostitute.

There has always been an artificial division between indoors and outdoors prostitution. Between doing prostitution and doing porn.

The sex trade has always encouraged these divisions, making small elites in it’s oppressive system to prevent the women and girls seeing the reality.

If the sex trade can get women who are in or exited fighting amongst themselves, then it has won a war.

That why the myth of the courtesan is promoted for centuries in all cultures that gained from prostitution.

To promote the concept of the prostituted women who is in control, will be rich, is beautiful, highly educated and with a high sex drive, that is a wonderful recruitment poster for the sex trade.

She is everywhere in history. There in ancient Japan, ancient Rome and ancient China. There for knights to kill dragons for in the Middle Ages. There to welcome royalty after the English Civil. There romping through Georgian times. There in the Belle Epoch.

Whenever men want to say prostitution is not that bad, they reel off the history of the courtesan – as if it was believable proof.

But were not many of these courtesans thrown away and discarded when men decided that they were no good for orgasms any more.

I cannot believe that many did not have violence on their body and minds as the men who fuck them remember that they were just whores.

I am sure there were murders of these courtesans as unwanted goods.

After all I know that today high-class escorts are beaten up, raped and murdered, and that cannot be new.

But the myth of the courtesan is to imagine that prostitution can be made safe by having artificial concept that some men may respect the prostitute.

What is not new is when a man chooses to own a prostitute, whether a street prostitute or courtesan – he chooses how he will treat her.

So if the prostitute is placed on a pedestal, is allow to have a mind, is shown off to others, is made to think she is safe – it is because the man who owns her chooses to keep her that way.

If the prostitute is raped by many men, is beaten up for thinking outside of his words, is made to forget she has any existence – that too is the choices of the men that owned her.

That is not new, that was known by the first caveman who gained power through exchanging a woman or girls round for sex.

The degradation of women and girls goes back before we made any records.

We must struggle to end it.

Not say of it has always been there, as if that means anything.

Prostitution is not some natural phenomenon – it is an invention by men to have power and control over women and girls.

Like any invention it can be destroyed – if we only have the will to place the human rights and dignity of prostituted women and girls above the cruelty and greed of the sex trade.

Hell, it is for the future, and to repair some of the past.

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