Questions for Johns

Last week, a close friend asked if I could asked the johns that used me anything, what would I ask.

Well there the obvious, there is more the questions that send sickness into my soul.

What make you think you have to own me or any woman or girl?

Tell me that.

Tell how you justify that.

When the same man will stand telling the world how bad slavery was.

Was is the word – for even I felt owned, prostitution must never be labeled as slavery.

But why?

I thought slavery was the removal of any basis human rights – common practice in prostitution.

But you, the john, choose to decide that I was free.

Here, another question, do you really believe I had a free choice?

I assume the sadistic johns know I was not there freely, and did not give a damn.

Many got there kicks at the idea I was suffering mentally as well as raped and beaten up.

At least, they did not pretend that they cared.

No, it is the other johns I want to question – for it the so-called “nice” guys that full my heart with hate.

Did you imagine I was girlfriend material? Did you not see the coldness in my eyes?

Or did your dick do all the talking?

Being placed in girlfriend situations became my idea of hell. I could not stand listening to all your justifications, excuses and bravado as you told me over and over how it was not really prostitution.

But if I had not allow you to fuck me, would all your niceness be thrown out the window.

If I had no to sexual act that disgusted or hurt me, would you then remember I was just a whore –  and that you owned me.

Then all the facade that I had choice would have no meaning.

No, I was never your girlfriend.

Christ, if I was your girlfriend – then you may know the colour of my eyes. You may know I had a face. You may know I many interests that nothing to with sex or money.

I may not of been talking to just to waste time before the fucking begins.

Fuck your girlfriend material, that just there so you can pretend you are not one of those nasty men that fucks prostitutes.

Well you are, and no hypocrisy will stop that.

Left-wing johns, what the hell makes you let the sex trade off the hook?

I was sickened to death being brought by men who moaned about capitalism, abuses of human rights mostly to males, animals rights, and even sexism.

When the sex trade is capitalism at it’s rawest.

The sex trade makes an outrageous profit at churning out women and girls to be fucked without any regards to their safety, their physical and mental welfare.

Being only for profit, the sex trade has a huge turnover of goods – real women and girls. In that turnover, the discarded goods may left with extreme PTSD, injuries that are permanent, or just killed.

Now I would say that is the pinnacle of capitalism.

But men/johns say the sex trade is somehow outside capitalism.

Could that be to criticise the sex trade, would mean having to imagine a world where men do not have the entitlement to buy and sell women and girls just for their orgasms?

That your real fear isn’t it?

Don’t hide it behind the invented language of choice, empowerment for women, liberation and how prostituted women are in control.

Don’t say that bullshit to me, thinking I will not see your fear.

You can never justify prostitution, for all it is wanting to owned a woman or girl who has no right to say no.

You owned her, because you want the choice to do sexual violence on someone who must and will do everything that you can imagine.

I don’t give a damn whether you are violent or not. Every time a man chooses to use a prostitute, he is choosing to pay for the right to sexual violence.

So, I will not hear johns speaking of human rights, when they are paying for access to torture a woman or girl.

Final question, did you not know I saw for the bastard that you were?

Don’t answer that.

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