Something I Don’t Do Often

This is for my readers in Britain. It is a suggestion that you watch a drama on Channel 4 tonight.

It is called “The Unloved” and is the directorial debut of the actor Samantha Morton.

It is partly based on her experiences of being in the care system, and how too many children are neglected and allow to fall through the gaps as “looked- after” children.

I, like many, feel a rage that children who may of been through abuse or neglect in their families are so abandoned by the state.

I have always found dramas can make people want change. “Scum” had a massive impact on me, it was so clear that borstals were cruel and that we should treat children that way.

“Cathy Come Home” made homelessness be seen with more compassion and as a social evil.

I am not that into documentaries for I find them often too simplistic, and very bias while having the pretence of not having a point of view.

I prefer dramas for I think they are able to get closer to their truths, by allowing to show many points of view and allowing that there is a bias.

Drama can give the point of view of the voiceless.

In “The Unloved” the lead is silent and acts with her eyes for much of the programme.

Dramas often show through poetry and surreal imagery. The small bits I know of “The Unloved” is that Samantha Morton is a poet with the camera.

Many of this hit home with me.

There was a scene where the girl is staring at a spider’s web, trying to regain some focus and some sense of reality.

I did that so that so often. I remember after a truly horrific anal rape, all I know was to watch a spider going up and down spinning some web.

She also show the girl walking for hours alone.

This to me is a natural response to living inside a world that makes no sense.

I would walk endlessly, usually completely unaware of my surroundings.

I walked to remember that I alive. I walked to ignored the pain. I walked because it was all I knew.

Walking was the only way to be alone, to have space away from hell.

So, if you can do give this drama a chance.

Maybe it will help a little to stop children getting lost in care.

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