My Mood This Week

I have decided to try to write a post.

My mood is on edge, what with being a public place, and having about 20 minutes to write this.

I thought having a break would help me to be more relaxed, but my PTSD does not disappear that easily.

I still know what I know. I still know how I was made who I am.

My memories don’t just vanish.

I find that I like not writing, but I get ill when I don’t write.

I cannot invent a magic spell that makes prostitution vanish.

I cannot magic away my trauma.

I can only write and speak my truth. I can only know, read and listen to the truths of others survivors of the sex trade.

I write to try to help stop making invisible the torture that goes every second in the sex trade somewhere.

 It may on your street, it may in the country you go on holiday to.

Prostitution causes damage to everyone it touches.

It causes damage utter damage to women and girls that are made into goods for men to screw.

It causes damage to men who think and know they have can control and owned those women and girls.

Damage is spread like poison by the managers and pimps that run the trade.

And the major damage is to those who pretend the sex trade is nothing to do with them.

For as they turn a their backs on the suffering on prostituted women and girls, they are saying that sexual violence is acceptable as long as it out of  sight.

This will and does mean that male violence can spread for always the excuse will be it is only done to bad girls.

While we allow to happen to prostituted women and girls, we will and do open the door to allow rape and sexual torture to happen to all girls and women.

Do not put prostituted women and girls into a separate species, unless you think there is nothing wrong with male sexual violence.

One response to “My Mood This Week

  1. I am sorry that your computer has broken down and I can hear how having to write in a public space without your familiar things and noises around you, having to watch the clock, is impacting you – although your writing keeps being inspiring and brilliant.
    I have read all your recent posts and was most impressed by your ‘body map’, thanks for writing that piece – why impressed: because I feel like you are honoring your body and help others honor theirs. I heard the song At 17 when I was a young adult myself and felt that it was not reflecting my youth at all – and I was moved as well as joyed (is that a word?) by your writing as it spoke of reality rather then romanticism. Thanks


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