Writing in the Library

I do not like writing in a public area, especially when I have just an hour to do everything. But I thought I would write just to say I have not gone, just finding it difficult.

I find when I can’t write, I get phsycially sick with something like flu with depression.

I cannot not know what I know.

I try to relax, and treat like a holiday. But all my mind wants is have the money to bring my computer back to a private space.

I cannot express my reality without some kind of outward sign that I am finding it hard, so I hate writing in public.

I am still very much here, just reading.

Sorry, if I have let anyone down.

I may start gambling to get money.

It is better than this sickness I get.

2 responses to “Writing in the Library

  1. Rebecca, I’m so sorry you’re having all this trouble. 😦

    We’re missing you, sister. But, don’t worry we will wait for you and we will keep reading.

    I wouldn’t advise gambling in case you might lose your money.

    I can imagine how difficult the sutuation must be. I really wish I could help. Big Hugs x


  2. Rebecca you haven’t let anyone down but I know this feeling. I’m very sorry to learn your computer has died because it happened to me earlier this year.

    Trying to write in a public space is almost impossible and yet I know you have to write because you are a writer. I just hope matters improve soon for you. But, I also know struggling to deal with problems such as these are very, very difficult. Hang in there.


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