My Computer Has Died

My harddrive has given up the ghost.

This will affect my blog because I am having to write in public spaces, which is not very good for what I write about.

My writing often has a huge physical toll on me. Yhis I will not show in public.

I usually write alone and to loud music, writng surrounded by people is hard and it far too quiet for me.

I need noise to write on trauma, I need to have the “now” round me as much as possible.

I will checking on this blog a lot and I try to write when I can.

I will love still to have comments.

When I can afford it I will get my computer back.

3 responses to “My Computer Has Died

  1. Having lost my computer earlier this year, I know how much this crash is disrupting your life. I’ll be thinking of you as you work through this problem.


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