When Will It Count

I often told that there is not a hatred towards prostituted women and girls.

No, I am wrong and have things upside down. Men love and respect prostituted women and girls. That is the main reason they are having sex with them.

I try not to laugh in people’s faces when they say such words. I try to be patience, I try to use reason – but usually this viewpoint is so ingrained and back by our culture, that I may as well speak to a brick wall.

I understand wanting to place the johns into the role of good men, who are just misunderstood. I understand not wanting to see their violence. I understand not wanting to know that they are cold as they pour hate into prostituted women’s and girls’ bodies.

Sure, I can understand but it does stop me from wanting to throw up.

For as the speaker chooses to see the john as a nice guy, the speaker is saying very loudly ther is no harm is prostitution.

Often, it said I would do that or I know no man who pays for sex – but it should there for those who need it.

Now, what man needs to fuck a prostitute. What man needs to make another human being into an object to be fucked to get his precious orgasm. What man has to have that much control.

How do you stick to he is just a good man.

I’m sorry if a man cannot masturbate or get a real relationship – that still does give the right to have orgasms by controlling a woman or girl.

If men thought it was such a right thing to do – then why did a whole class of women and girls who were made for them to fuck without having to justify their actions.

If it so right why then do men take away human rights from prostituted women and girls.

Why do they paint rape and sexual torture as consenting sexual acts. Why is so much emphasis that all prostitutes choose their lives.

Why do they invent prostituted women and girls as a separate species. A species that feel pain less than other humans.  A species that does not get degraded or humiliated.

A species that has no words, just does actions that pleases men.

A species that never is out the view of men.

Men invent prostitutes, then say they have power over men. That men lose their will when with a prostitute – so he must prove his manhood by using force on her.

Men invent prostitutes – their existence has no importance outside of men’s minds.

That is why the everyday murdering of prostituted women and girls goes unreported, unnoticed and becomes acceptable.

Murdering prostituted women and girls is made to not really murder – but just a clean-up project.

Men made prostitutes into sub-humans, so why should we care about their deaths.

I say, I started this blog in protest at the endless deaths of prostituted women and girls. Nothing has changed – only the deaths are becoming more and more invisible.

After deaths of prostitutes are just entertainment these days. Christ knows how often CSI begins with a dead prostitute. She is no-one and nothing, just a plot. Tells me a cop series or film without dead prostitutes who have no voice, no background and are just there to sort the good and bad men in the plot.

That may be fiction, but in real life real prostitutes are murdered in every country, in cities, in the countryside, in brothels, on the streets, in flats, in hotels, behind pubs,  – christ, prostitutes are murdered all the time everywhere.

They are murdered as children and old women, they are murdered coz it is cheaper than paying. They are murdered than men say it just rough sex gone wrong.

Men find every and any excuse for these murders. But they needn’t bother, for most will go unpunished, for it was just getting rid of dirt.

Well, I have enough of men murdering prostitutes.

I would say it was a genocide – only it more like slash and burn.

For it not ridding the world of the prostitute – it more clearing away prostituted women and girls to make room for fresh supply.

It is that calculated. It is that cold.

Murdering of prostituted women and girls is no accident or rare incidents. It is done to reminds prostituted women and girls that they can never live with safety.

So the invention of the good john is vital to keep prostituted women and girls down.

For it is an environment of madness where you never know if a john is going to rape you or just want to talk, is he going treat like a princess or smash you into the wall.

How would you survive living in an environment where dodging murder becomes a norm.

I sick to my back teeth of knowing as I write yet more prostitutes have been murdered, and even people in the same street may know nothing about it.

I sick of prostituted women and girls being less than nothing.

They must count – coz when they don’t count we are letting them be slaughtered.

2 responses to “When Will It Count

  1. Ah yes that myth ‘johns are nice guys really.’ It is essential that Johns be portrayed as ‘nice guys’ or ‘lonely men who just need a female body to masturbate into.’ After all being biologically male automatically entitles a man to buy women’s or girls’ bodies so they can use them as masturbatory objects. Unless of course, a John wants to prove his manhood by subjecting the prostituted woman/girl to sexual torture and violence. Ah but male sex right is a right and woe betide any feminist who dares to challenge male sex right.

    It always puzzles why Johns want to buy women’s and girls’ bodies when these same Johns commonly claim prostituted women are ‘dirty s….. or claim such women are whores.’ If that is the case why then would Johns want to sully their pristine (sic) sexual organs by coming into physical contact with a dirty, whorish female. Have these Johns never heard of contamination because once the male sexual body has had contact with a female body, the said male body is now contaminated and he too is now a ‘whore.’ But there John logic is never logic but rather excuses and justifications for a never ending fresh supply of women’s and girls’ bodies.


  2. Totally agree with what you’ve said, Rebecca. The fact is, nobody died from not having sex; the whole thing that ‘men need sex’ is just total bullshit! I guess just an excuse.


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