I Am Not Amused

As long as I can remember the image and fantasy of the “whore” has been entertainment.

It has little connection with the reality of the sex trade for the majority of prostituted women and girls. But it is seen as the “truth” of prostitution for far too many people.

The whore is everywhere.

In the way women whether straight or gay should dress for clubbing. On adverts, in TV programmes and films. Written as novel and poetry. In lectures at university. In slang spoken on the streets and in schools. As women go for face-lifts. In paintings and sculptures.

I could on forever.

The whore is never real, she is just made up of a mosaic of male fantasy.

The whore is controlling of men, whilst at the same time she is a victim who will be discarded.

The whore has an endless ways of making men have sexual pleasure. She will give him all, and want nothing in return.

The whore does not feel pain, or she will never complain of pain. The whore wants to do sexual acts that are unsafe, she has a high sense of adventure.

The whore does not need relationship, but she can give a girlfriend relationship for a price.

The whore loves her job, she always get on with the johns, will tolerate their behaviour.

The whore can be his therapist, his mother, his playmate, his goddess, his mistress , and never be just another prostitute.

The whore does not exist, only in men’s heads

What is left is the reality of the prostituted woman or girl.

She is nothing but holes to be fucked to the vast majority of johns.

Johns pay money for a porn fantasy, and end up with the same violence, the same raping, the same battering, and the same mental abuse.

For they choose to make prostituted women and girls into fantasy, so all that violence has no effect.

A fantasy cannot be raped. A fantasy does not get murdered. A fantasy does not get pregnant or STDs. A fantasy does not bleed or get bruises all over. A fantasy does have vaginas torn.

But real prostituted women and girls do all the time.

The reason I hate johns is because they make the choice not to see the real woman and girl that are buying.

They refuse to see her fear. They refuse to notice if she losing consciousness. They refuse to acknowledge that she is injure. They refuse to care enough to use protection. They refuse to think that any body could take so much torture.

Yes, I hate every man that makes that choice to buy a woman or girl just so he can forget that she has any existence.

I see the whore everywhere, saying it only a laugh.

Well, as I know the pile of women and girls who lives are destroyed by the sex trade, I am not amused.

It is hard to laugh, when I see pain, grief and suppressed fury that is in the majority of prostituted women and girls.

4 responses to “I Am Not Amused

  1. In fact the real definition of ‘whore’ is a man or men who is sexually insatiable and believes they cannot possibly survive unless there are women’s and girls’ bodies available for them to sexually masturbate into/onto.

    You are right Rebecca – no woman is a whore because whores do not exist except in misogynistic men’s minds. So everytime that word ‘whore’ is used to define a woman/women it reinforces prostitutors’ beliefs women and girls are not human but men’s sexual commodities. Convenient is it not, male-centered language defining women as either ‘whores or madonnas’ because it neatly exonerates men from any accountability in respect of their sexual practices and belief certain women and girls must be turned into dehumanised objects (prostitutes). After all male sexual gratification and expression of male sexual power and domination has to be expressed because it is a ‘man’s sex right’ and there exists a group of humans who are not human since they are female. How convenient for men then to claim these women are ‘whores’ because this enables male sexual torture, sadistic cruelty to be enacted upon non-humans.


  2. “A fantasy cannot be raped. A fantasy does not get murdered. A fantasy does not get pregnant or STDs. A fantasy does not bleed or get bruises all over. A fantasy does have vaginas torn.”

    This is key, isn’t it?

    This fantasy which gets back to the idea that woman are not human. Men believe, or too many of them believe, the fantasy is reality. It’s so easy to believe in this fantasy when other men keep telling them it’s real.

    If they acknowledged woman are human beings, their behavior would be abhorrent, even to them.


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