When My Computer Acts Up

Today my computer is acting the fool. I am on Vista and is useless.

But, sometimes I feel like my computer is a reflection of my mental welfare. I feel like my mind is slipping away.

But also this week my mind is deeply saddened by the news of the week.

I, like most people, are shocked and somewhat angered by the Fritzl case.

What has really shock me, is how the media has completely dismissed how Fritzl for many years sadistically raped and brutalised prostituted women.

This has beeen made invisible.

Could this be coz these women are seen as non-humans.

Hell, maybe if someone, anyone had enough respect for prostituted women to think that violence done to them matters – than maybe Fritzl would of been in jail many years ago.

But, I speak from the voice of a prostituted woman who was sadistically abused, and I am sure many of the johns would of gone on to commit more crimes against women and girls.

If society took seriously violence in the sex trade, then maybe we would arrest more sadistic rapists and torturers.

All it takes is seeing prostituted women and girls as fully human.

I think my computer acting, has let my mind releases the pain, grief and anger of having survived so many sadistic men.

I weep I had no justice.

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