Million Women Rise

I went on the Million Women Rise. It was wonderful, but I realise that marches are not good for my PTSD.

I still went even though I was very ill. But I felt passionately that it so important to be part of the Million Women March.

To be part of a movement that is saying that violence against women and girls can be eliminated if there is the will to make real changes.

Any reason put forward for male violence to women and children is just yet another excuse. Stop believing those words, and learn a language where women and girls have dignity, safety and can get on with living.

It that asking too much.

I am very exhausted, coz it very triggering for me.

But never give up believing, after all male violence was invented not natural, so it can be dis-invented.

2 responses to “Million Women Rise

  1. I’m very sorry to learn you experienced triggering and had another bout of PTSD. I think you were very courageous in participating at the march since you knew it would be very triggering for you.

    Sometimes we forget that male violence against women is not just a phrase but that real women are the ones who suffer at the hands of men. I was reminded of this whilst listening to the women speakers and it really brought it home to me – male violence against women is not an abstract theory – it happens and it is real women’s bodies and minds which are attacked and suffer devastating consequences.

    But then – that is supposedly reducing women to ‘victims’ or else it is placing emphasis on women when men too are victims of male violence.

    But the women speakers refused to remain ‘victims’ and instead they publicly spoke out about men’s callous cruelties and callous indifference. So, too did you by attending the march – you refused to remain a victim of men’s violence committed against you. That is what violent men and their apologists want – to silence all women’s voices because the truth really does split the world wide open.


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