Won’t Go Away

All my life, I had thought that the Left would care to get rid of the sex trade.

After all, I was taught the Left cared about human rights, hated torture, wanted respect for all, and would fight for human dignity.

But the older I get, the more I feel and know that the Left will and does betray women and girls in the sex trade.

I forget that the Left is mostly for the benefit of men and the continuance of their pleasures. So the concept of no more porn or that being able to buy and sell women and girls to be fucked is unthinkable.

So the Left uses propaganda in the language of the sex trade to ridicule or condemn who dare take away their pleasure.

There is the old classic – that all opponents of the sex must be right-wing and more than likely Christians or other types of religious nutters.

This is commonly said when what is being spoken about is the violence, often stating that is torture. It is used to attack women on the Left who may framed it as human rights issue.

It is ridicule, it is name-calling and it can be used to silenced.

Again and again mostly men on the Left say the sex trade has always been here, therefore there is no point in making a change.

Is murder acceptable, is child rape acceptable, are war crimes acceptable – all those have always been with us. In most Left groups that I have been a member of, the accepted view that we should build a world without murder, child rapes and war crimes.

But lets keep an industry that allows torture on mental, physical and sexual level. Lets keep an industry where rapes is normal, and gang-raping is form of control. Lets keep an industry where the goods are closed away from any outside ideas.

Lets keep an industry where human life is cheap and disposable.

That is acceptable, for after all that industry is formed to cater so all men can fuck/rape, sexually torture, use physical violence and even murder without having to take the consequences.

Men can have power over women, and it is acceptable.

Men on the Left that choose to use the sex trade better shut up about caring about human rights, as they are trampling on the prostitute’s right to safety, dignity and right to be fully human.

But of course, the Left always say the prostituted woman chooses her lifestyle, and she would not do it unless she was happy.

Choice to the Left appears to be a magic word that makes all violence done by johns, done by the men making money out of selling women and girls, disappear. Choice is used to say the prostituted woman does not have a past, too inconvenient if  it was not strong and happy. 

In the word choice, the Left will view the prostituted woman as in control, often controlling weak johns. She went into the sex trade without any child abuse, she was not desperate for money or hooked on drugs. She does not experience violence from johns, from the managers or pimps. She is never raped.

She is a male fantasy.

But men on the Left want to fuck prostituted women, want to do it without the inconvenient of worrying that she may not want it. He will fuck her, and she is there for that moment – her past, her reasons that she is there, her dreams, her physical and mental welfare, that is of no importance.

As long she performs well as his fuck-dream, what else can matter.

So when I heard men on the Left going on and on about humans rights, I can’t help but be cynical. I say little or nothing, but I tend to switch off.

After all, I had many johns who were on the Left. Who spoke of being anti-torture when it was political prisoners. Spoke of the equality of all. Spoke of human dignity. Spoke of some brave new world.

This was said as I was raped over and over. As they forced their penises down my throat. As I was anally raped till I had a heart attack. As I was beaten up for fun. As they threaten to kill me.

Where is the human dignity in that. How was there any equality there. How come it not allow to be named as torture.

It is not some brave new world – it is the same old world where prostituted women and girls are the bottom of the bottom.

I want to be on the Left – but the Left has forced me out.

Coz their orgasms are more important than the dignity, safety and respect for millions of prostituted women and girls.

7 responses to “Won’t Go Away

  1. Well said Rebecca, Yeah, sounds just like a lot of lefty men with their anti-capitalism/ exploitation, cry buckets about the baybee seals and OMG battery farming rhetoric. Then when it comes to pornography/ prostitution it’s conveniently re-framed as ‘expressing sexuality’ ‘exercising agency’ blah blah. I also find it disturbing that while lap-dancing clubs continue to flourish and expand, rape-crisis, DV centers and other resources seem to be disappearing.


  2. I don’t know how she’d feel about this but I don’t think alyx would mind if I reposted a poem she wrote for you here on your blog. I miss alyx.

    The Forgotten Women

    They always smile and tell us
    That they’ll be with us all the way
    That they’ll help us control our bodies,
    Win us freedom and equal pay.
    They say they’ll do anything for us
    That they’ll fight tooth and nail,
    “Sure, sister, I’ll support women’s struggles—
    (if it will get me some tail.”)

    But when we want to really control our bodies,
    We see it’s all a sham,
    We still have to answer to The Master,
    And that master is a Man.
    I’m not talking about a pimp,
    I’m not talking about a john,
    I’m talking about our faux-friends
    Who let this shit go on.
    Every silence by a male ‘progressive’
    Is a little girl slapped around,
    Every refusal to acknowledge reality
    Is a woman murdered in a brothel downtown.
    Beneath each horror that should be surmountable
    Is a woman wracked with fear and grief,
    Every man held unaccountable
    Is another girl used for some other guy’s ‘relief.’

    They tell us our subjection is inevitable,
    While permitting us ‘freedom’ in other ways,
    “You can have your equal wage portions and have your abortions,
    (“so long as it don’t interfere with our ‘play!’ ”)
    “It’s just a fact of life,”
    They tell the massage girl and the whore,
    The same lie they peddled to their brown brothers
    So many years before.
    It’s the same lie they told First Nations,
    And migrant workers all the way,
    It’s the same lie they told slaves on the plantation,
    And that they tell Indigenous Australians today.
    It’s the same old story for women,
    Those lessons, we never learn,
    Content with the scraps they toss us,
    Accepting ‘freedom’ on male terms.

    “A few condoms and some health checks
    And you’ll be fine,” they say,
    “Some pills and a union is all you need
    To keep the violence at bay.”
    And when a female sex performer
    Gets beaten, raped or smacked about at work
    We’ll just tut tut and tsk tsk—
    The actions of an aberrant jerk.
    Like it doesn’t say anything
    About what’s going on in our hearts and minds,
    Like it says nothing at all about the plight
    Of the women the Left left behind.

    They always smile and tell us
    That they’ll be with us all the way
    That they’ll help us control our bodies,
    Win us freedom and equal pay.
    They say they’ll do anything for us
    As long as it doesn’t interfere with their right
    To sell our humanity down the river
    And buy some girl’s freedom tonight.

    How many silences will there be
    Before men open their eyes
    And start giving a damn
    About the women the Left left behind?


  3. Thanks Sam for this wonderful poem. I am so sick of Leftist men claiming that they support women’s, but still wanting the sex trade to at their beck and call.
    Sparkle, I suppose torture of prostituted women and girls is of little importance, coz we were sub-humans. I am so furious.


  4. Great post. The selfishness of people on the left regarding the rape industry is just hard to understand. I can’t imagine what would be more important than eradicating rape.


  5. Indeed. It’s just astonishing the way the left is perfectly able to analyse capitalism, the exploitation of workers and imperialism, but when it comes to the global sex industry they are all “Yay capitalism! Let’s ignore the exploitation and support the sale of women and children!”

    I’m a leftist but I find have very little in common with most people on the left who refuse to apply their politics to everyone. Like you I am also disappointed.


  6. Thank you for giving voice to this. The hypocrisy is astounding.
    I just found your blog today. It’s heartbreaking and an amazing window into what you and others generally suffer through in silence.
    You are not an object to be used. No one is.


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