Abolition is a Dream

As I see, know and feel the realities I lived through when I was prostituted. As I read, listen, speak to women about the conditions of prostitution.

I want the sex trade abolished.

I do not want tinkering round the edges, I do not want it made safer.

I want there to be an end to the buying and selling of women and girls.

Yes, I know we are living in a world where the abolition of prostitution seems unimaginable.

But I remember thinking South Africa would always be ruled by right-wing whites. I sure during the time of the Atlantic slave trade it was forever. That women would never be given the vote.

There is no need to buy and sell women.

The world will not split in half if prostitution was to disappear.

I say to any man who chooses to buy a woman or girl, just try living in a world where you must form a relationship. A world where you force yourself to have and give respect for women and girls.

A world where your dick becomes less important.

A world where you see women and girls as humans – not fuckable objects. A world where women are more than three holes and two hands.

A world where women and girls are allowed to complicated – not just placed into the good girlfriend material or the bad whore.

A world where women are placed beyond men, and can choose a life whether it pleases men or not.

Of course, prostitution is only part of why men place women below them.

But having a world where women and girls are given the roles of sex objects and made to perform “happy” is a massive factor to the inequality for all women and girls.

I don’t want to live in a world that places a whole of women and girls as goods to be fucked.

Not when I know who the majority of those women and girls.

They are overwhelmingly women and girls that white rich men decide to reject.

They are black women and girls, they are indigenous women and girls, they are women and girls who have be fucked as children, they poor women and girls, they are homeless women and girls, they are addicted women and girls – mainly they are women and girls who have forgotten that they can hope.

What sort of world throws away women and girls so casually.

But prostitution is framed as rebellion, framed as fun, framed as a mutual adult exchange.

Try saying that to the prostitute who has to fuck over and over and over, and still has very money. Try saying as young prostitutes are groomed by being beaten up and rape.

The violence is not rare, it the norm for the vast majority of prostituted women and girls.

Of course the sex trade is going to promote prostitutes who “in control”, who have little violence done to them.

The violence must be portrayed as misfortune – not the usual tactic to control and mentally destroy prostituted women and girls.

Let speak of just a few things most prostituted women and girls have to live.

There are brothels for armed forces where the men are encouraged to mass rape and torture. Men go on stag does and sexually degrade prostituted women and girls. Prostitutes are used to stop men being virgins. Men use prostituted women and girls to do violent sexual acts that would not be done to the good women in their lives.

Men may fulfil murder fantasies coz prostitutes don’t matter.

All this is done every day, in every continent. Every moment somewhere many prostitutes are being raped. Every moment somewhere many prostitutes are being tortured.

And all the time men are getting away where murdering prostitutes.

So why should prostitution be allowed to exist.

I don’t want all those women and girls to have so much pain. I don’t want women who can exit to have to live with trauma.

I don’t want to live with the grief that so many women and girls cannot be allow to have a life.

I want abolition of prostitution, coz we cannot live in a world that said it ok to use women and girls as sexual slaves.

Enough is enough.

5 responses to “Abolition is a Dream

  1. Abolition is my dream too. I am holding your hand, Rebecca, when you say, “enough is enough”. Absolutely. No more. Women in prostitution are human beings and they deserve physical, emotional and spiritual integrity. No man has the right to take that away. And yet these women suffer attacks on their heart, body and soul day in and day out. Just so men can have something to fill with their hate. It has to end. We have to keep fighting till these women, women with courage and integrity like you, Rebecca, are no longer treated as disposable things.

    Love and hugs,



  2. Ah but to actually have women accepted as fully human instead of putting all women and girls into two boxes – one which is the ‘virginal pure’ with the other ‘the whore’ would mean the world would crack open. This is the central issue as to why prostitution exists because only men are the ‘real human beings.’ Women are not given that privilege instead we have a group of women declared to be ‘prostitutes’ and hence their task is to be men’s sexual slaves.

    I too want abolition – not decriminalisation or legalisation, nor do I want excuses, denials, claims it is a ‘choice’ blah blah. I want and demand abolition – but will it happen in my life time. I doubt it – still I will continue to hold Johns responsible for committing mass rape and enforced female sexual slavery of women involved in prostitution. Male demand and the widespread belief it is a man’s right and entitlement to masturbate, sexually torture and rape women and girls who are considered not to fit into the first box. This is why prostitution continues to exist – male power and male demand.

    In the 19th century there was immense opposition, justification, denials and excuses as to why the slave trade had to continue and yet eventually the abolitionists won a small victory. I say small victory because of course slavery has not ended since now we have normalisation of the ‘sex industry’ wherein prostitution is central. So the fight against slavery continues but this time it is about women’s and girls’ lives rather than both women’s and men’s lives.

    Yes some young men work in prostitution but their situation is different to women’s and girls.’ Research confirms this and fact is it is predominantly young teen boys who are engaged in prostitution not adult males. Reason is because the Johns want males who do not have adult male power.


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  5. possible solutions:

    1)a more intensive feminist work to educate women and fight the sexist women(they do exist although many feminists deny their existance).

    2)feminists must stop thinking that men should be undertstood instead of punished.(the most important point).

    So we will have women who see themselves as humans and jonhs being considered the monsters they really are.The dream will come true.


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