Only One Man

One man has been found guilty for the murders of five prostituted women in Ipswich.

My question is has this made a real change for the safety of prostituted women and girls.

Prostituted women and girls are murdered on a mass scale. It may be that a prostituted women or girl are 40 times more likely to be murdered than other group are.

There is a genocide of prostituted women and girls.

So to stop this violence, we need to confront and punish all men that choose to pay for sex. For all men that pay for sex are encouraging a system that give murderers permission to torture and kill prostituted women and girls.

Men know can murder prostituted women and girls one at a time, and it will go unnoticed.

After all these murders are commonplace, therefore not newsworthy.

But some b-tard that chooses to murders more two or more prostituted women and girls will be get media attention.

He will get what he want – fame.

I am sick and exhausted by how many times I have read in just the local press of missing or murdered prostituted women and girls. Sick and tired of how few men get arrested for those murders.

And I pissed off the stupid sentence the men get, or how often they get found not guilty.

I remember the world of prostitution where it was normal for women and girls to disappear.

Murder was numbed out, it could not be seen.

To see that you could be murdered at any time or place, on the whim of some violent man. To see that whilst living in the midst of that horror, will and does damage your mental welfare.

Many prostituted women and girls can and do commit suicide when they see the reality of their live.

I feel an overwhelming grief.

I saddened at the waste of those 5 young women’s lives. I grieve that were not given the choice to have a better future.

I am filled with stunned grief that the sensational media thinks that details of the murders and the “mind of the murderer” is newsworthy.

Rather that the unglamourous concept that most murders of prostituted women and girls is because the man may assume that their lives don’t matter.

I had to live with that grief all my life. I was nearly killed more times than my brain want to believe. I live with in that time of my life was worth nothing.

My murder would of been nothing.

That grief overwhelms me.

To start to prevent more women and girls being murdered, we need to have a radical change.

In the long-term prostitution must be abolished. In the short-term we must make the buying of women and girls for sex a crime.

And all men that are violent to prostituted women and girls should get serious sentences.

Keeping the status quo is a throwing away the women’s and girls’ live.

10 responses to “Only One Man

  1. Well done Rebecca for writing about what was making me so angry. I too am sick and tired of the media sensationalising Wright and constantly focusing on the prostituted women. The real focus needs to be on the normal men who callously buy women’s bodies and then throw them away as though they are rubbish. Not until we hold men to account for their beliefs they are entitled to rape and sexually torture women simply because they have ‘bought the women’ will anything change. The johns are the ones who caused these women’s deaths. The Johns who see these women as dehumanised beings are the ones we must hold accountable.

    Wright’s mindset is not newsworthy – he is trivial because he is like so many arrogant men who are all normal and ‘respectable.’ It is the normality of such men which must be highlighted – their arrogance and societally condoned belief they have the right to destroy women’s lives. All because so many men think they cannot exist unless they have raped prostituted women – but which is euphemistically called ‘buying sex.’


  2. As always your writing is a call to action. Thanks again for affirming why this fight is one that we can not afford to lose. Too many women have died already. It is time to say that we women have had enough.


  3. I only found your blog last night, then this morning I found this article ( ) and I felt such an overwhelming sadness.. I feel your blog should be made compulsory reading for everyone who thinks prostitution is a “harmless transaction”.
    Keep writing, your voice is so important in this culture of “women are commodities, but it’s so empowering for them!” that I despise.
    All the best.


  4. No-one, it seems, wants to make the connection that when a man pays to use a woman’s body for his own pleasure at the expense of her feelings, her integrity and her soul, it is only a few close steps away from thinking that her life doesn’t matter and that he can do what he likes with her including killing her.

    I agree with everything you’ve said Rebecca. Thank you for saying it and being so eloquent.


  5. I agree with everything you write here. You should be proud of yourself for speaking out. Your words are powerful.


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  7. As always, Rebecca, I love your honesty. I believe that no one could dispute what you are saying about prostitution, porn, lap dancing, ad nauseam. No one can argue against your truth. Many prostitutes are totally in denial about possibly being murdered, raped (well they are being raped for money, anyways), tortured, etc. It’s a necessity to live every day. I was one of those girls. I was tired of selling my spirit and my soul. Luckily, I had a choice. An unthinkable number of women and girls do not.


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