I Have Had Enough

There are many things that have made sick for too much of my life. I will write about a few that have close to killing my ability to go forward.

The thing is that I have lost patience with pretending that I am not hurt to the pit of my stomach. I live in a world where I hear lies about male violence coming at me from all angles.

Enough. Before speaking, stop and see for a second the pain you put out into the world.

I deeply wounded by women who named themselves “feminists”, then say how harmless the sex trade is. I am sick of being reasonable about this.

I say here that you cannot be a feminist and support the sex trade.

I have said this in many ways and many times. I know that you choose not to hear. But again I say, do not call yourself a feminist and suppport the sex trade.

For you are supporting a system that is killing women and girls. You are supporting a system that keeping all women in a state of fear.

To support the sex trade because you may perceive it as harmless and liberating . That is a highly selfish and privileged way to view the sex trade.

I want to say that real women and girls are damaged by the sex trade.

When you promote the sex trade, you are discounting a whole section of women and girls. You are placing them as sub-humans. 

For, by backing the sex trade, you saying that the performers, lap-dancers, prostituted women and girls, escorts and all the other women and girls in the sex trade do not feel pain. That do not have a life outside of their role in the sex trade.

If you percieve the sex trade as empowering or entertainment, I would say shame on you. It is the entertainment of the bear pit.

And I do not believe in feminist porn. I thought feminist politics could go beyond the sexuality of degradation.

I say here that women that defend porn and prostitution has total disrespect to the women that exited the sex trade. I will not listen anymore to their delusions.

For it wounds me severely hearing words that ridicude all the pain I was force to live with.

I have enough of feeling I should not say that my ambition is to be part of abolishing prostitution. I don’t want to tinker with the systems of prostitution.

I want it to be as dead as a dodo.

I can see no reason why men should be allow buy women for sex.

I do do see as part of evolution that men can own women and girls. I did read Darwin, I must of miss that part.

I am sick of the view it has always be here, so there no point in getting rid of prostitution.

That is only said by men who see buying women and girls as an entitlement, but pretend to be reasonable.

I say that is nonsense. I don’t care how long prostitution has existed. I do care that real women and girls are being raped, tortured, mentally abused and murdered for the sake that men can have an orgasm.

This makes very sick. So, I have had enough.

I am sick that women and girls in the sex trade are made invisible in life. And in death they are blamed.

I want these women and girls to be seen in their wholeness, however uncomfortable that may be. These women and girls are not worthless.

I want the reasons that women and girls enter the sex trade to be explore. I want that can spaces that these women and girls can be safe enough to express their realities.

I want that their realities to be heard and not to be stereotypes.

But, I need that it stop that only interest in women and girls in the sex trade in after yet more murders.

I cannot bear anymore how men can causually murdered women and girls who they consider to be “whores” and it is made invisible.

It appears only to be noticed when a man is stupid enough to kill more than one “prostitute”. Most women and girls in the sex trade that are murdered become unsolved crimes.

I am sick that those murdered women and girls are blamed for their own deaths. I am sick that too many people have sympathy for the b-tards that decide to murder them.

I am sick that we still glamourise the killing of prostituted women and girls. It is just another porn story.

As someone who could of been murdered by punters on their whim. I can see no glamour there.

I remember how casually violent men were with prostituted women and girls. It is very ordinary.

Many men will kill, because they just do not care. They see killing as the ultimate sexual fantasy.

We should have no pity for these men.

Do not make excuses for them, just give them a life sentence.

I do not wish to write anymore.

There is a fury in me that has becomes a sickness.

I want to live in a world where no-one finds it acceptable to buy and sell women and girls for men to have an orgasm.

9 responses to “I Have Had Enough

  1. “There is a fury in me that becomes a sickness.”

    I know what you mean, Rebecca, I feel that too, and thank you very much for saying all this. We cannot compromise, there is no middle ground.

    “To support the sex trade because you may perceive it as harmless and liberating . That is a highly selfish and privileged way to view the sex trade.”

    That’s the bottom line.

    Brilliant writing, Rebecca xx


  2. I wish I could make pornofeminists read your words and truly feel them in the pit of their male-approval craving consciences.

    All I can do is tell you that I hear you, Rebecca, and I’m not the only one. You won’t see the feminists who hear you in mainstream liberal media, but we are here listening from the margins where feminists who don’t support librul men’s right to ‘comfort women’ are forced to stand.


  3. Yes feminist politics is about ending the widespread belief men’s sexual degradation of women is simply ‘fantasy.’ There are far too many ‘feminists’ who are not feminists but they are the ones society and the media promotes as ‘real feminism.’ I too am sick and tired of the age old excuses used to deny the realities of prostitution and male sexual violence against women and girls. Keep speaking out Rebecca because we need more women challenging the porn industry which is called ‘sex industry.’ ‘Sex industry doesn’t exist – what does exist is Female sexual degradation industry.


  4. Hey Rebecca, thanks for this post! You express your anger so wonderfully!

    I also hate the damn persistence of those pro-pornstitution “feminists” in not wanting to hear the facts.

    Melissa Farley interviewed more than 800 prostituted women (across countries) and the voices of the 89% who said they wanted out of the sex trade apparently don’t mean jackshit in the minds of these so-called “feminists” (they’re deaf to them). How dreadful and cruel that is!

    I also wish these pro-pornstitution women seriously listened to you when you’re speaking out so bravely.:)


  5. Hi Rebecca,
    I don’t know how I stumbled onto this site, but found myself drawn to what you say and the pain you express so well. I know a bit of what you write about and have also felt myself fuming when “feminists” defend this crap. It makes me feel bitter and like maybe they think they’re better and smarter than the girls who get used because they just don’t listen. And how can you really give an opinion if you don’t hear what the people who really do know what it’s all about say? It really does make me angry. it makes me angry too that you got treated as you did. Like you, whenever I see young girls on the street I feel like grabbing them. A couple of times I haev tried to talk to them, and I know even if they swear at me they are also kind of relieved that SOMEBODY sees what’s happening. So i don’t care if they swear. I feel so mad at your mother too, and your stepfather – whta absolute idiots they were. wish I could gather you up and make all those memories disappear. Those men were not good men, and i pity the women and children who became attached to them. For you I hope for a miracle, that love will find you one day and heal all those wounds. Your honesty makes me feel like crying. love to you x


  6. Thanks all for your wonderful support. It really does mean a hell of lot to me.
    Sam, thanks so much for dropping by. It is a great honour. I do feel the groundswell of radical feminists who speak out against porn and prostitution. They are a great comfort and inspiration. I hope my words can help that movement.
    Jo – Thanks so much for really moving and beautiful email. You are so right when you say –
    “they think they’re better and smarter than the girls who get used because they just don’t listen.”
    This should make you angry. Their attitude is so arrogant and ignornant. I was so moved by your email. Thanks so much going up to girls on the street. I do believe that things like that do in the long-term show a prostituted girl there is an outside that is not totally hostile.
    I so sorry that you have knowledge of the things I write about. And I really do appreciate and hold in my heart your loving thoughts about my recovery.


  7. You are right R, those that call themselves feminists, and only uphold the patriarchy status quo, are not feminists. I can call myself a giraffe, it doesn’t make it true, even if I pretend to nibble on the leaves of trees.

    The main plus that came out of the Ipswich murders that a great deal of effort was put into exit programmes, and now from about 30 prostituted wimmin on the streets in Ipswich, it’s now down to about three or so. Sadly, five young wimmin had to give their lives for it to happen. I still see their faces, and will never forget them.


  8. Rebecca,
    Your strength and courage continues to amaze me. I want to tell you how much it means to me, to read your words. I agree, there is nothing feminist about supporting “sex work.” And I am SO SICK of trying to explain this to the pro-porn crowd. I’m sick of my anger about this being unacceptable. I’m angry, I’m sick about all of this, and I refuse to shut up about it. As you said, I refuse to be reasonable about this.

    Keep up the great writing! Your voice is needed.


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